Kasiisi Latrines completed and Dormitory numbers swell.


One of 2 new blocks of latrines at Kasiisi Primary School

Thanks to generous donations from friends and supporters and a matching Grant from the Coldbrook Fund we have completed  2 blocks of latrines for girls at Kasiisi Primary school replacing 2 that collapsed at the end of last year. The hard work of project accountant Amanyire James and volunteer building supervisor Megan Murdock helped  keep the costs down,  and we have enough remaining funds for one more block to be built at another school.

Kasiisi Pri. School Hostel

Kasiisi dormitory weekend uniform – no sneaking away undetected in these shirts!

In February the Kasiisi Dormitory opened its second year of operation. In our first term last year  7 students signed up. In 2016, thanks to boarders performing a significant 16% better than day students in their Primary Laving Exams,  enrollment swelled to 73 children,  70% girls,  and the dormitory is very close to breaking even financially  We are currently finishing off the boys dormitories and  installing solar lights, for when the power fails. When complete the dormitory will accommodate 100 boys and 100 girls.


Plaques to be mounted on the wall of the Kasiisi dormitory – If your name isn’t there we haven’t forgotten you – more plaques in the works!

We cannot express adequately our gratitude  to the Conway family of Weston and to all their friends without whose fund raising walks and support we would never have started this project.


Kasiisi Boarders Term 1 2016 in front of the dormitory

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