Kasiisi Scholar graduates from Harvard


Dominic with sponsors Barbara Stevens and Wayne Lobb


Dominic with sponsors Steven Oare and Wayne Lobb

When Kasiisi Scholar Akandwanaho Dominic, majoring in neurobiology  graduated last week from Harvard College he became the 9th Kasiisi Scholar to graduate from University and the first from an overseas institution. Thanks to generous support from his sponsors Steven Oare, Barbara Stevens and Wayne Lobb, and to the help and guidance  of the Kasiisi Project Scholarship Committee through 6 years of secondary school,   Dominic excelled in High school and was  admitted to Harvard in 2012 with a full scholarship. One of only 2 Ugandans in his year and the only one educated in Uganda.


Dominic and Kasiisi Project Director and Currier House Faculty Dean Elizabeth Ross

We always knew Dominic was a remarkable young man with the potential to do great things for his country, a belief only reinforced by having the privilege of living with him for 3 years as Faculty Deans of Currier, his undergraduate house.


Two fine young Africans: Dominic with fellow Currier student and block mate Salathiel Ntakirutimana – the first and only Harvard Student from Burundi

Dominic’s next move is to a job in New York to work as a consultant in health care,  with a long term goal of returning to Uganda to help build his country’s economy through entrepreneurship.   Lucky Uganda and lucky us for being able to share a small part of his journey with him.


Kibale Chimpanzee Project Director and Currier House Faculty Dean Richard Wrangham, Kasiisi Project Director and Currier House Faculty Dean, Elizabeth Ross, with Dominic and his sponsors Barbara Stevens and Wayne Lobb

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