Kigarama Classroom Opens

Staff room cellingA celebration was held last week to celebrate the new Kigarama classroom and to honor  a generous anonymous donor, the children of the Focus School in Biggleswade, UK and Kasiisi Project literacy project director Barbara Stevens, who collaborated to build  this wonderful new building, “the best in Kabarole district”. It replaced condemned but still used classrooms constructed from mud bricks over 50 years ago.Tree PLanting

In honor of the occasion trees were planted, gifts exchanged and speeches given. The school choir danced and sang, and the event ended with a traditional Ugandan meal.

If you would like to donate  comfortable chairs  for the  new Girls’  Counseling Room or a desk to finish furnishing the new classrooms you can donate $45 through our Paypal button on the home page of our website We will place a plaque with your name on the desk or chair.







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