Kasiisi Primary School Parents’ Day

IMG_0678During Parents Day at Kasiisi Primary School in June, parents and other visitors were treated to poems, dances, songs and sack races performed by the children.

IMG_4302Everyone got a chance to see what their children were up to. There were stalls demonstrating  Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest School’s Programs activities as well as tours of the school, shows of class work , watching extra curricular activities and  visits to the new dormitories. The Wild Life Club displayed elephant conservation posters, and the use of  local beehive fences and plants that act as barriers to crop-raiding elephants.



Boy and girl scouts showed off  their activities,  building fuel efficient,  low emission stoves and camp shelters,  and the Kasiisi Project Health Team demonstrated RUMPS (re-useable menstrual pads), tippy-taps for hand washing , dish racks for safe drying of eating utensils and storage of food,  and small gardens designed for more intensive agriculture. As always the school and parents expressed their gratitude for everything that generous donors to the Kasiisi Project have done to improve their school.








IMG_0703  IMG_0700



IMG_0669  IMG_0677

Boy and Girl Scouts











Computer class and hand crafts made by Grade 3


Project Conservation Education Coordinator Rwabuhinga Francis talks to parents about Kibale Forest Schools’ Program / Kasiisi Project activities.



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