Goodbye and thank you Martha


L to R: Juice (driver), Gorret (conservation education assistant), Maureen (research assistant), Maggie (Makerere University summer intern), Hope (office manager), Emily (project director), Consolata (Kasiisi Project nurse), Patrick (health program coordinator), David (farm volunteer), Layla (Harvard summer volunteer), Francis (conservation education coordinator)

We sadly said goodbye to 2015-2016 Princeton in Africa volunteer Martha Beirut with a special lunch for our Ugandan staff.  Martha who worked with us on our conservation education program (and a lot else) is on her way to Ethiopia as a field assistant on a Gelada Baboon project. We wish her the very best of luck and thank her so very much for everything she did.


Maggie (Makere University Intern), Consolata (Project Nurse), Gorrett (Conservation Education Assistant), Patrick (Health Education Corodinator), Maureen (Research Assistant)


Francis (Conservation Education Coordinator), Emily (Project Director), Patrick (Health Program Coordinator)

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