Clean Water for Kasiisi Project Schools

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-19-00-51Thanks to generous donations from the Waterloo Foundation and DryCreek Charity we will be bringing ample clean water to all Kasiisi Project Schools in the next year.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-19-02-14Current school water supplies, where they exists, depend on rain water collection systems, which quickly run dry during the two dry seasons. This project will allow us to affordably drill boreholes using the Village Drill – a portable, hand powered drill that will enable us to drill wells up to 60 meters (200 feet)  deep,  ensuring that all schools will have plentiful clean water – water for drinking, water for cleaning latrines, water for menstruating girls to wash and water for surrounding communities.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-18-48-23Once the schools and communities in our program have been serviced we plan to offer this technology to other schools and villages, partnering with microloan programs to enable them to fund wells.

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  1. We at Dry Creek are excited to begin drilling wells at 3 schools. Working with Kasiisi and collaborators is a wonderful opportunity for us. Elizabeth, thank you for persisting. The history and track record at Kasiisi pretty special.
    John Renouard pioneer of auger drilling in the hands of local men, women and children is equally excited.
    Take care, Tom PS: Ready to receive funding?

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