Not Just About Chimpanzees


ce_2016_elephant-sculpture_kasiisi_3-copyWhile the Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program environmental education projects are still deeply concerned with the conservation of Kibale National Park’s chimpanzees, we recognise that all ecosystems are linked,  and thanks to generous funding from the International Elephant Foundation, The African Bird Club and the Disney Conservation Fund, elephants and birds are being given special attention this year.  ce_2016_elephant-drawings_kiamara_2-copyIn addition donations of hive monitoring devices from Broodminder are allowing us to remotely monitor temperature and humidity conditions inside our beehives,  and to join a growing group of beekeepers from all over the world sharing information about this wonderful insect. Large collections of bee data help develop strategies for conserving them,   vitally important for our food production.


Kasiisi Farm Workers and Princeton in Africa Volunteer Corey Dickinson with Brood Minders


Removing top bar from hive to install the Broodminder.

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