Women and Conservation

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-13-45I had the great honor to be invited to be one of 8 speakers at a meeting dedicated to Women and Wildlife Conservation hosted by Otterbein University  in Columbus, Ohio. “Finding Your Voice- inspirational stories from women who protect wildlife and wild places.”. Our audience of around 60 included undergraduates from Otterbein  and Ohio State Universities, docents from Columbus Zoo and students from local city High Schools. The passion, commitment and dedication my colleagues shared was magical, and the engagement and enthusiasm of the young people in our audience – many from the Zoo and Conservation major at Otterbein – gave us all hope for the future. The conference brought together key figures in the arena of zoo support for conserving animals in the wild, with field projects that have benefited from their vision. They spoke about the critical importance of conservation projects in our own backyards as well as those abroad, and encouraged everyone to look for ways volunteer locally. We heard about engaging communities in 0yster restoration projects in Florida, and in the saving the Monarch Butterfly through the Plant Grow Fly program in Iowa. We all encourage you to contact your local zoo and see what you can get involved in. For those of you in New England check out Zoos New England. Zoos are about so much more than captive animals.


Elizabeth Ross (Kasiisi Project, Uganda), Anna Young (Otterbein University), Amy Reaume (Brevard Zoo, Florida), Susan Lutter (Ape Action, Cameroon), Beth Armstrong (Conservation Initiatives, Ohio), Jessie Lowry (Blank Park Zoo, Iowa), Jo Thompson (Lukuru Foundation, DRC), Susie Louis (Conservation Fusion, Madagascar), Anne Warner (Conservation Strategies, Oregon), Kym Gopp (Cleveland Zoo, Ohio)

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