Kasiisi Project Celebrates Earth Day, World Malaria Day and New Partnerships

Earth Day

Guests watching presentation by Kyanyawara Primary School

Nyabweya Primary School’s new design for improved cookstoves with chimney

350 students from all 14 Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools Program schools gathered together  at Nyabweya Primary School to celebrate Earth Day. The students showcased their Wildlife Club Activities to each other, about 150 parents and representatives of local government, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and partner NGOs.

Rwenkuba Primary School demonstrate the use of beehive fences to deter elephants

Rweteera pupil demonstrates Cleveland Zoo sponsored Water Project









Everyone plants trees donated by UWA/FACE








World Malaria Day

Our health education team emphasized the importance of protection from mosquitos, and children learned  the proper use of bed nets and how to keep them in good condition.

New Partners

UWA/FACE is a partnership between the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Dutch organisation, FACE. Together they are reforesting the game corridor between Kibale National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park and are engaged in carbon sequestration programs. They have asked us to partner with them to help them bring tree planting and conservation skills to our schools.

Seedlings for planting courtesy of UWA/FACE

The Kabarole District Health Authority are formally partnering with us to engage local clinics and Village Health Teams in  helping educate our students about  health. Thank you Health Team Coordinator, Tusiime Patrick for initiating this collaboration.


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