Kasiisi Project Awarded Disney Conservation Grant

Kitere Primary School Wildlife Club Stove Building Team

We are delighted to announce that we have received another grant from the Disney Conservation Fund to extend and improve our school conservation education projects. 

Nyabweya Primary School’s Wildlife Club members are innovators too. They have added and are trialing chimneys on their Improved Cookstoves

Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program Wildlife Club T-shirts 2017

This year our Wildlife Clubs members are “Climate Change Champions” focusing on all aspects of climate change, from planting trees and protecting forests, to building fuel efficient stoves and making charcoal briquettes from farm waste.



Funding from Disney is the bedrock of our conservation education initiatives which reach 14 schools, 10,000 children and their communities. Our programs, over the past 10 years have resulted in consistent, significant increases in environment knowledge; improved attitudes to Kibale National Park and its chimpanzees and elephants in students and teachers; practical conservation projects in schools and villages; confident teachers happy to teach about the environment,  and parents who enthusiastically support our programs and their children – see their comments below:                                                                                                  “We appreciate for the work done in training the children who come and sensitize people in the village concerning the environment.”                                                                                                           “I was so happy when he planted passion fruits, coffee and pumpkins as he got the ideas from the wildlife club”                          “Since she joined the wildlife club she has gained more knowledge concerning the environment that’s why she’s eager to plant trees in holidays.”                                                                                                               “I thank the wildlife club for encouraging my daughter to conserve the environment and she has also influenced her siblings to also conserve it.”      

Parents visiting Wildlife Club demonstrations at Kasiisi Primary School Open Day 2016

    Thank you Disney for making this wonderful program possible. The Disney Conservation Fund focuses on reversing the decline of wildlife and increasing the time kids spend in nature. Since its inception in 1995, DCF has provided approximately $65 million to support conservation programs in 115 countries.

Komyampere Wildlife Club sign the Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program 10 Commandments of Conservation

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