Kasiisi Project Safari to Uganda


For January 2019 we have put together  a once in a lifetime trip to Uganda. Join  us on this small exclusive expedition with two pioneers of contemporary evolutionary thinking, Harvard Professors Richard Wrangham and Dan Lieberman. You will explore forests, savannas and marshes, see big game and find thriving great ape populations in the Western Rift Valley. Along the way you will have the opportunity to discuss the latest discoveries about what makes us human.

In addition you will learn about the challenges for conservation of Africa’s wild places, and  visits to the Kasiisi Project schools and spending time with our teachers, project staff and children will make this a unique cultural experience as well. You will not feel as if you are passing through.

The $25,000 per person cost of this trip includes a $10,000 tax deductible donation to the Kasiisi Project. We are  taking a maximum of 12 people to keep the experience intimate, so if you are interested please contact

And if you know of anyone who you think  would be interested please pass this information along – the funding from these trips keeps our work in Africa going!

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