New Kasiisi Project Schools, summer interns and staff training

Kasiisi Project Health Education Coordinator Tusiime Patrick at the 3rd Annual Conference on Child Behavioral Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

It has been a long busy summer since our last post.

Map of Kibale National Park showing the 5km boundary that marks the Kasiisi Project area of operation. Existing schools are in blue and new schools, Rutooma and Mituuli, are in white,

We added 2 new schools bringing the total to 16 schools, serving 11,500 children




Dylan talks to young students about bees

Gabriella Bragoli, Princeton in Africa Farm Intern










We welcomed 2 new Princeton in Africa interns – Gabriella Bragoli to work with our farm and Emmas Ruskin to help with conservation and health programs.



Sheillah  talks to students about the differences and similarities between people and chimpanzees

Harvard undergraduate Dylan Ryals brought bee keeping skills to our apiary for 2 months and Jesse Greenfield from Tufts University,  Julia Fissore-O’Leary from Dartmouth College and Sheillah Munsabe from African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda helped out with conservation and health projects.

Julia watches a wildlife parade with friends







Dylan Ryals shows young students pictures of bees

Jesse Greenfield helps with session on sexually transmitted diseases








Health Education Coordinator Tusiime Patrick attended the 3rd Annual Conference in Child Behavioral Health in Sub Saharan Africa , project nurse Tuhaise Shamilah spent a month at a peer-educator training workshop Kampala and project director Emily Otali joined a workshop on High Performance Management.

Project nurse, Tuhaise Shamilah, talks to the peer-education training workshop about reusable menstrual pads

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