HPV Vaccinations for Kasiisi Project Girls

Kaswa Clinic nurse vaccinates girls at Kiamara Primary School

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a preventable cause of cervical cancer for which there is a vaccine. Vaccinations against HPV are of particular importance for rural girls, few of whom ever get cervical cancer screening. The vaccine is free and available at local clinics in Uganda,  but there is no money to take health workers into schools to ensure everyone has access to the vaccine and gets a  full regime. In the last month we have facilitated HPV vaccinations for over 1000 girls in Kasiisi Project Schools. The Kibale Forest Schools’ Program/Kasiisi Project health team liaised between  schools and clinics, organized parental letters of consent and funded transport of health workers to all 16 schools.

Kahangi Clinic nurse vaccinated girls at Komyamperre Primary School

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  1. Katya says:

    This is wonderful!! As a women’s health nurse practitioner and a former volunteer at the Kasiisi Project schools, I am so happy to hear that HPV vaccines have been made available to the girls of the Kasiisi Project. I hope with continued support boys will have access to the vaccination in the future as well. Elizabeth, please reach out if there is a way I can help facilitate or support this from afar.

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