Lesson 2 – Coming-Going

This Rutooro lesson covers arriving and departing, coming and going.

Ninyija mtaweni: I’m coming to town (7:29)
I am coming: ninyija nee-NYEE-jah
To town or in town: mtaweni mm-TAH-way-nee
Monday: balaza bah-LAH-zah
We are coming: nitwija nee-TWEE-jah
You (one person) are coming: nwoija nn-WOH-ee-jah
To home or at home (for one person): omuka oh-MWOO-kah
You (several people) are coming: nimwijja nee-MWEE-jah
They are coming: nibweijja nee-BWAY-ee-jah
He or she is coming: naijja na-EE-jah

Ningenda balaza: I’m leaving on Monday (9:06)
I am going: ningenda nee-nn-GEN-dah
We are going: nitugenda nee-too-GEN-dah
They are going: nibbagenda nee-bwah-GEN-dah
He or she is going: nagenda na-GEN-dah

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