Lesson 3 – Possessives

This Rutooro lesson covers possessives, which are considerably more complex than in English. The possessives listed below are only the simplest forms for each. Forms vary depending on the associated object, with respect to size (large or small), number (one or many), and whether the object is a person or not. This lesson has only some of the variations.

Ekitaabu kaitu: Our book (11:10)
My or mine: kange KAH-nn-gay
Your or yours (one person owning): iwe EE-way
His or hers: ike EE-kay
Our or ours: yaitu yah-EE-too
Your or yours (several people owning): yawe YAH-way
Their or theirs: yabbo YAH-boh

Pen: akachuumu ah-kah-CHOO-moo
Daughter: omuhara oh-moo-HAH-rah
Young woman or girl: omuisiki oh-moo-ee-SEE-kee
Young man or boy: omwojjo oh-MWOH-joh
Elephant: enjojo enn-JOH-joh
Book: ekitaabu eh-kee-TAH-boo
Give me or give to me: impa im-pah

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