Lesson 4 – To School

This Rutooro lesson takes you – a teacher – to a primary school where you will meet children in a classroom and start teaching them a reading lesson.

Kubaaza habyo kusoma: Talking about reading (18:40, 35mb)
How are all of you: muli muta moo-lee MOO-tah
Children: abaana ah-BAH-nah
How are you (to one person): oly ota oh-lee OH-tah
How are you this morning, young woman: oraire ota mu isiki oh-ra-EE-ray OH-tah moo ee-SEE-kee
How are all of you this morning: muraire muta moo-ra-EE-ray MOO-ta
I am fine this morning: ndaire kurungi nn-dah-EE-ray koo-ROO-nn-gee
We are fine this morning: tuaire kurungi too-ah-EE-ray koo-ROO-nn-gee
Teacher: omusomesa oh-moo-so-MEH-sah
I am fine: ndi kurungi nn-dee koo-ROO-nn-gee
We are fine: tuuli kurungi too-lee koo-ROO-nn-gee
Visitors: abagenyi ah-bah-GEH-nn-yee
One visitor: omugenyi oh-moo-GEH-nn-yee
Foreigners, white people: abajungu ah-bah-JOO-nn-goo
One foreigner or white person: omujungu oh-moo-JOO-nn-goo
[They are] welcomed here: abaizire ah-bah-ee-ZEE-ray
I am pleased or happy: nsemereirwe nn-seh-meh-reh-EE-roo-way
To see [all of you]: kubaroora ku-bah-ROH-rah
To see: kuroora ku-ROH-rah
We are pleased or happy: tusemereirwe tu-seh-meh-reh-EE-roo-way
To come or arrive: kwijja KWEE-jah
Name: ibaara ee-BAH-rah
My name: ibaara yange ee-bah-rah YAH-nn-gay
What is your role or position (who are you)? nyiwe oha nyee-way OH-ha
My role or position is (I am a): ninyowe nee-NYOH-way
All of you sit down: mweekare mwee-KAH-ray
On that spot, where you are: hansi HAH-nn-see
Today: kirokinu kee-roh-KEE-noo
I would like, I want: ningonza nee-nn-GOH-nn-zah
To talk, to discuss: kubaaza koo-BAH-zah
On, atop, over: ha hah
The area of or topic: ebyo EH-bee-yo
On the topic of, about (ha + ebyo): habyo HAH-bee-yo
Reading, to read: kusoma koo-SOH-mah

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