The Kasiisi Project is currently building its first school dormitory. Boarding schools have many benefits in rural Uganda.

School Dormitory under Construction

For instance, take the story of 11- year old Kasiisi student, Kamuli Claire. Claire walks eight miles each way to school, leaving home at 5 am and returning at 7 pm. She travels both ways in the dark without supervision, making her vulnerable to harm. When she gets home, after this long day, she still has chores to complete before addressing her homework, which she completes by candlelight. As with many of her fellow students, Claire will have had little for breakfast and would have nothing for lunch were it not for The Kasiisi Porridge Project which provides lunch to all children at Kasiisi Primary School.

If Claire resided at the Kasiisi Primary School Dormitory, she would be ensured three wholesome meals each day. She would have access to extra help with her homework and electric lights to study by. She would also have more time to devote to her studies.

But boarding school for Claire will have an impact far beyond this one girl. The boarding fees paid on Claire’s behalf will help Kasiisi Primary School hire extra staff for overcrowded classrooms and will boost teachers’ meager monthly salaries of $175. Competitive compensation attracts and retains better teachers for all students.

Potential Boarding Students