Health Project

In addition to supporting girls’ health, The Kasiisi Project Health Education Program teaches 5000 students  in 5 schools about how to stay healthy and disease free.

Children practice covering their coughs

In collaboration with the Kibale Health and Conservation Project we develop health education curricula to enrich and extend the health education taught as part of the regular Ugandan school curriculum.

Hand washing and germ coloring book

Our community nurse visits 5 schools regularly to give classes, show movies and keep an eye on the health of the children.

Additionally, clean water is a priority, and thanks to a generous donation of a mobile water treatment unit by New Life International and installation by Rural Health Care Foundation, Kasiisi Primary School now has chlorinated water produced from a salt solution and a car battery. Cheap and sustainable, this unit can treat multiple barrels of water in a few hours which children can drink worry free.

Water tank at Kasiisi Primary School