Nursery School

In 2011, Kasiisi Weston Stars Nursery School opened its doors.  It is the first nursery school in rural Kabarole District with teachers who are professionally trained in early childhood education. The nursery school is taught by two graduates of the Kasiisi Project’s scholarship program, Kazairwe Moureen and Kawino Jenepher, which makes it extra special.

Nursery school teachers

Attendance is booming and there are now three classes: baby class (3 year olds), middle class (4 year olds) and upper class (5 year olds). The children are taught in English, giving them a big boost as they enter primary school where, after three years, all instruction and exams are in English. Ugandan preschools are much more academic than those in the west, but in addition to learning reading, writing and math skills, we make sure that the children have plenty of fun with singing, dancing, art, and play. For many families, these children will be the first to attend any sort of early childhood training. This preparation will undoubtedly give them a head start in primary school.

In keeping with the Kasiisi Project’s mission of conservation, the nursery classrooms are decorated with environmental themes: a forest room, a wetland room, and a butterflies and flower room. The nursery school also houses the KFSP project office.

The Nursery School's 'Forest Room'