Porridge & Farm Project

The Kasiisi Porridge Project is a UK-based charity started in 2006 by Kate Wrangham-Briggs, working in close partnership with the Kasiisi Project. The Porridge Project raises money with the goal of providing a daily mug of porridge to more than 1,500 children at Kasiisi and Kanyawara primary schools in rural Uganda, on the border of Kibale National Park, who would otherwise go without lunch.

Children enjoying their school lunch

This modest lunch makes an extraordinary difference to all these school children – affording nourishment which improves health, academic performance and school attendance. Life chances of vulnerable groups, including girls, orphans and HIV positive children are particularly enhanced by school lunch. The cost of porridge for one child is less than $25 a year, but way beyond the means of most Ugandan families.

In order to increase the sustainability of the school lunch program, the Kasiisi Porridge Project purchased twenty (20) acres of land to develop a project farm, education center and a visitors’ Eco-campsite. All proceeds from the farm will go to supporting the lunch program. The farm will sell crops, chickens and pigs. Thanks to the help of two architect volunteers, the farm layout has been designed and construction is underway. The project farm already has maize crops and 500+ chickens!

To read the story of the project’s early beginnings, visit PolicyInnovations.org

Visit the United Kingdom Kasiisi Porridge Project website for more information: www.kasiisiporridge.org