OLPC Computers

The Kasiisi Project, in partnership with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), was able to supply Kasiisi Primary School with 100 OLPC laptops in 2009. This initiative was the work of Ian Wrangham, Mathew Koojo, and Francis Rwabuhinga, the latter 2 both Kasiisi Project Scholars. The 3 college students, Wrangham from Colorado College, USA and Koojo and Rwabuhinga from Kampala International University and Makerere University, respectively, made up one of 30 college teams to win a $10,000 grant from OLPC, to introduce the child-friendly laptops to schools in Africa. The three competed with over 200 other college teams for the grants . The number of computers at Kasiisi Primary School has since increased to almost 200.

Today, the OLPC laptops are being used on a daily basis by hundreds of children at Kasiisi Primary School. Originally charged using a generator, the introduction of mains power to Kasiisi Primary School in 2011, has substantially increased the use of the laptops which are used during the school day when children have computer classes. Kasiisi Primary School has also started a computer club, where kids can stay after school or during the school holidays and use the computers. Part of the overall goal of the laptop project is to coordinate computer learning with literacy teaching.

OLPC Kasiisi Primary School