Tusingirwe Imelda

Imelda is a double orphan. Cared for by relatives she attended one of our worst performing schools. But she is very smart and thanks to support from the African Orphan Foundation she has been given the chance to excel. For … Continue reading

We are always looking for someone who is interested in helping our students. Someone who wants to help a really good kid finish school. To give him or her a future. More Scholar Biographies »


The Kasiisi Project’s support of our students continues beyond primary school and we began funding scholarships in the late 1990s. The goal is to enable students to progress through secondary school and college or university educations.

2011 scholarship recipients

Though secondary school has recently become state-sponsored and free, the availability of good secondary schooling remains very low, setting up two tiers of schools, those for poor rural children and those for the rich elite. Private secondary schools that board students are expensive, at several hundred USD per year, more than Uganda’s per-capita average income of $490 USD in 2010. Although the introduction of universal secondary education has substantially increased the number of students enrolled in secondary school, 66% of them never graduate. College and university schooling are not free and are considerably more expensive than secondary, at $1,500 USD or more per year. As of mid 2011, the Kasiisi Project is funding almost 100 students in secondary schools and universities in western Uganda and in the capital city of Kampala.

Over time, we hope that more and more of these capable, energetic and well-informed scholars will return to the community to inspire and guide change for the better.


  • Stay Connected: Sponsors stay connected with their students by seeing regular letters from their students and school report cards on their progress. Sponsors are able to write letters back with the scholars and even share small gifts if they choose to.
  • Experience & Proven Success: The Kasiisi Project has been involved with aiding education in Uganda since 1997. We keep our sponsors informed and because of our experience, have been able to ensure success for our students. With your help, we are able to help students finish their education and find a job upon graduation.
  • Set Expectations: We set high expectations for our students and we expect them to meet them. Through our guidance, students are able to succeed and keep dropout rates to a minimum.

First scholar to graduate from university- Koojo Mathew