Annual Reports


In the year 2016-2017 the Kasiisi Project continued its growing contribution to local education, health and conservation objectives. Working with Ugandan partner Kibale Forest Schools’ Program, we have maintained or adapted existing programs and begun new ones with an increasing focus sustainability. High points of this year have been the start of a program drilling boreholes to provide consistent clean water for our students, the updating of our guesthouse, the start of an eco-campsite at the farm and the restructuring of our board in the US. There has also been the beginning of a new push to make our health programs sustainable through increasing partnerships with village health teams, local clinics and the District Health Authorities. Our fifth and sixth Princeton in Africa volunteer began 12-month stints with us in August and we have had help from short-term volunteers in health, accounting, beekeeping and education. We continue to employ Kasiisi Project Scholars are working in our office and on our farm to help them earn the money they need for further education. Three current members of staff are pursing higher degrees on a part-time basis. Our Wildlife Clubs continue to grow and improve with a focus this year on climate change and clean burning stoves. We have provided staff and funded operating costs for the Kibale National Park Mobile Health Clinic, our scholars continue to enter the work force with the qualifications they need to get jobs, and our teachers are upgrading their qualifications with funding provide by the Kasiisi Project.


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