Ugandan Counterpart

Kibale Forest Schools Project (KFSP)

KFSP is a community-based organization, registered in Uganda in 2006.  KFSP serves as the Ugandan partner of the Kasiisi Project, handling the on-the-ground operations to ensure successful and meaningful project implementation.

KFSP Board Members

KFSP is overseen by twelve board members and has four employees (a Field Director, an Accountant, a Wildlife Club Officer, and a Farm Manager).  Professor John Kasenene, one of the original founders of the Kasiisi Project along with his wife Elizabeth Kasenene, is the chairman of KFSP. Elizabeth Kasenene is  also the principal of Kasiisi Primary School and a KFSP board member.  The Board of Directors meets monthly to provide oversight to all Kasiisi Project and Kasiisi Porridge Project initiatives. KFSP Board and employees also supervise and assist international and Ugandan volunteers working with the Kasiisi Project.

KFSP Board Members


John Kasenene – Coordinator, Founding Member
Kagaba Joshua – Founding Member
Emily Otali – Treasurer, Kibale Chimpanzee Project Representative 
Elizabeth Kasenene -Secretary, Founding Member
Kagaba John – Church Representative
Innocent Kato – Founding Member
Solomon Bagonza – Parent Representative
Rwabwiso Eryasibu – Founding Member
Kagaba Wilson – Ugandan Wildlife Authority Representative
Kaihura Isaac – School Management Committee Representative

Non-Voting Member: 
Elizabeth Ross – Founding Member, Kasiisi Project Director