200% Donation Match Dec 14th -18th

We have made it through 2020 thanks to your support. Our staff are still employed, our programs intact and we are looking ahead with confidence to coming out the other side of this terrible epidemic energized and productive. But we still face critical funding challenges. Here is a chance to see your support for us matched.

If you have never given to us before through online donation platform Global Giving, here is an opportunity to see your first donation tripled if you make it  between December 14th and 18th. This has to be your first donation to us via Global Giving and you have to commit to 4 monthly donations. After your fourth donation Global Giving will give us a 200% match of your first donation. Go to Global Giving for terms and conditions. Giving regularly is a great way to support us. The financial hit is less for you and knowing how much we have coming in allows us to plan better. Please consider this as an alternative way to support us, or even in addition to annual one-off donations. With only a 4-month commitment you can test it to see if it fits your giving needs.

Interested in Girls’ issues? Donate to Project 2700 – Sanitary Pads Keep Ugandan Girls in School. Conservation more your thing? Then give to Project 44346 Developing the Next Generation of Conservationist.