Our Impact in 2023

We are pleased to share our 2023 Annual Report with you! You can download the full report by clicking the icon below:READ IT HEREWe are pleased to share our 2023 Annual Report with you! You can download the full report by clicking the icon below:VIEW IT HEREWe want to thank you for supporting and following our work in 2023. Our … Read More

New Borehole Brings Clean Water to School and 1,500 People

The Kasiisi Project was thrilled to recently assist Iruhuura Primary School with constructing a borehole to supply the school with clean water. Iruhuura is one of 16 Kibale Forest Schools Program (KFSP) schools and currently enrolls 503 students (221 girls, 282 boys) in Levels P1-P7 (ages 4-14). In 2023, Iruhuura was also one of the top-​performing schools for delivering health and conservation … Read More

New Cohort Selected for Secondary School Scholarships

KFSP staff members, Nyabutono Gorret (Operations Manager) and Tusiime Patrick (Director) conduct interviews with scholarship finalists. This year in Uganda’s Kabarole District, Valentine’s Day took on a significance beyond expressions of love; it was a day for making educational dreams come true! On February 14th, The Kasiisi Project and its in-country counterpart, The Kibale Forest Schools Program (KFSP), selected a … Read More

Annual Goodhart Prize Awarded to Top Girls in Math and Science

Top female scorer on the A Level math and science exams, Kabahumuza Esther shares her goal of becoming a doctor.  In collaboration with the African Opportunity Foundation (AOF; formerly African Orphans Foundation), Kasiisi Project and its Ugandan counterpart, Kibale Forest Schools Program, recently awarded the 2023 Goodhart Prize to four girls excelling in science and mathematics. This prize is named … Read More

Dr. Tammie Bettinger joins Kasiisi Project Board

The Kasiisi Project is thrilled to welcome Tammie Bettinger, Ph.D. to the Kasiisi Project Board of Directors. ​Tammie brings more than 30 years of experience in the  conservation and animal fields. Tammie retired in 2017 as the Animal Operations Director at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While there, she chaired the Disney Conservation Fund’s Africa Committee for more than a decade. Tammie is an expert on primates and great apes, … Read More

Collecting Oral Histories

  It is with great excitement and huge gratitude to the National Geographic Society that we announce that Patrick Tusiime, Field Director of our partner NGO, the Kibale Forest Schools Program, has been awarded a grant for his project “Oral History as a Conservation Education Tool”. This project, takes a unique approach to understanding the role of indigenous knowledge and … Read More

A new era at the Kasiisi Project

  We have exciting news. As of March 15th 2023, I am stepping down as Executive Director, handing over the reins to Sonya Kahlenberg PhD., who will act as Interim Executive Director for at least the next 12 months. Sonya could not be more perfect for this role. She knows Kibale well. She did her doctoral research in Kibale National … Read More

Healthy Children:  Healthy Apes

For the past 3 years we have been collecting clinical samples to elucidate how viruses that cause pediatric respiratory infections move from children to the wild chimpanzees of the Kyanyawara community in Kibale National Park, Uganda, potentially causing fatal sickness. In January DMV/PhD student Taylor Weary and Kasiisi Project Health Staff shared their initial results with the people who generously … Read More

Happy New Year from Uganda!

Just before they went on Christmas leave the staff of the Kasiisi Project in Uganda celebrated the end of a challenging but none-the-less successful year with balloons, roast goat, and cake. Post-Covid burgeoning class size, high drop out rates and the loss of two years of class time topped by an outbreak of Ebola impacted everyone, but despite these difficulties … Read More

Happy Christmas and New Year from the Kasiisi Project!

  Celebrating World Elephant Day! ​2022 has been a year of getting back on our feet. We are aware that we have not been the best communicators, but when a donor said they weren’t sure whether we were still in existence, we realized what a really bad job we have been doing!  We have been working hard to kickstart many … Read More