First Sustainable Water from Boreholes

Thanks to generous contributions from the Waterloo Foundation (UK) , Dry Creek Charity  and First Parish Church, Weston, Kiko Primary Schools’ children have a long future of plentiful, year-round clean water from their own borehole. Currently schools rely on rain water catchment systems which run out quickly during the two dry seasons.
The well drilled using a hand-operated drilled by Village Drill of Mombasa Kenya. The device is able to drill up to 90 meters deep. Along with the drill, the company sent an engineer to train the Kasiisi Project’s own three-man drill team.

After they’ve completed three wells with the engineer, the team will be fully trained to drill other wells as needed. Unlike most bore hole drills that need to be transported by trucks which are too big to get down our roads and are very expensive, the Village Drill can be broken down and put in the back of a large pick-up, can drill wells for a fraction of the cost and, since it’s hand operated, it needs no source of power. Each school signs a contract with us agreeing to provide labor for drilling, two members of the community trained to maintain the drill and a deposit on replacement pump washers.

This is the first of many wells we have planned. Once we have drilled wells in all geographically-feasible Kasiisi Project schools, we will offer the drill to the surrounding communities. Girls, in particular, will be positively impacted as they’re often tasked with fetching water. Less time carrying water, plenty of water for cleaning  latrines for  washing hands and during their menstrual periods, means higher attendance,  more time for school, better grades and brighter futures!

If your family, rotary club, scout troop and/or church would like to give the gift of clean water, please contact us. The $2,000 it costs to drill and cap each well is a bargain that will last for many years! For just $28,000 we can ensure that all 10,000 children in our 14 schools, plus families living around the schools, have clean, plentiful water. That is just $2.80 a child for the first year alone – that is a great deal!