Happy Christmas and New Year from the Kasiisi Project!


Celebrating World Elephant Day!
​2022 has been a year of getting back on our feet. We are aware that we have not been the best communicators, but when a donor said they weren’t sure whether we were still in existence, we realized what a really bad job we have been doing!  We have been working hard to kickstart many of our programs but that is no excuse for not keeping all of you who support them informed.  We have now hired a “Media Mogul” to ensure that we will be posting regular BLOGS in 2023 and keeping you updated!
​In Uganda, schools have slowly recovered from COVID shutdowns, although about 30% of children did not return after lockdown; lost to early marriage, the informal economy, and supporting their families.  Just as schools climbed out of the COVID trench, however, Ebola struck in September and schools closed again.  Luckily it seems that they have it under control and we cross our fingers for a successful 2023, uninterrupted by crises.

PictureInquisitive discussion at a Health Club meeting.

​The war in Ukraine has driven prices for building materials sky high in Uganda and our costs for salaries and transport, always our biggest expense, have risen 10%.  All this just at a time when two years of COVID neglect have left all schools with major infrastructure issues.  We have been stretching every dollar to repair classrooms, build desks for a burgeoning school population and construct desperately needed latrines.

Our Annual Report will come out in January with lots of information on everything we have achieved this year in partnership with our communities to support schools, community health and the environment.  Looking back on everything that we have done and what this past year has brought to us, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and also proud of what we have been able to accomplish, especially of the work of our Ugandan NGO – students, parents, community and research partners,  and all of our many supporters!  So, before 2023 is upon us, we want to acknowledge each of our community members and to share the story of our year – be on the look-out for our upcoming posts!

And of course, please contact us at elizabethaross@me.com if you want any information.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy 2023!


Students preparing for Pseudospondias (PSD) nursery bed planting!