Kasiisi Project COVID update: First Vaccinations!


Rwabuhinga Francis, Kasiisi Project Community Liaison, receives his first COVID vaccination
Teachers from Kasiisi Project schools were joined by our staff this week for their first COVID vaccinations. It is much too early to say that things are close to normal – as yet only 4 of 7 primary school classes are back in school, and it is going to take until the end of 2023 for children to catch up with missed lessons – but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to generous funding from you, the hard work and ingenuity of our staff and support from enthusiastic parents, we have managed to keep all our staff paid and most of our programs goin, even if it took some lateral thinking! One of the great strengths of the Kasiisi Project is that it invests in a wide-range of different projects giving us flexibility and an ability to think outside the box. Never an organization to turn down new opportunities, we have see the huge benefits of this holistic approach during the current crisis. By transferring skills between programs, prioritizing projects requiring less face to face contact and devising new ways to continue with funded activities we have so far weathered the storms of 2020. We pray we are almost out of the woods, but, even with  future hurdles that may arise in the coming months, this year has taught us that  we have the skills and strength to clear them.