Kasiisi Project Scores Top 10 Spot in Climate Change Solution Search

The Kasiisi Project’s Improved Cookstove Initiative is one of 10 finalists selected  from over 200 entries to Solution Search’s Climate Change needs Behavior Change competition. Two prizes of $25,000 will be awarded to the Judges’ Choice (selected by Solution Search’s panel) and People’s Choice (recipient of most votes).
Our innovative and original project exploits the untapped potential of children to transform adult behavior. When Ugandan schoolchildren market and build fuel-efficient, low-emission cookstoves, it dramatically increases their consistent, long-term adoption by adults. Our multi-generational approach fights climate change now and in the future. Engaging children on the front lines gives them the skills and attitudes critical to reducing greenhouse gasses in the long term. In addition, they change their parent’s behavior now, leading to immediate positive impacts.

Guided by committed teachers, Stove Building Teams, run entirely by students, infect their communities with their excitement and passion, stimulating escalating requests for low-emission stoves. In 3 years they have built more than 550 stoves in 14 communities, 85% of whicch are still used after a year.