New Borehole Brings Clean Water to School and 1,500 People

The Kasiisi Project was thrilled to recently assist Iruhuura Primary School with constructing a borehole to supply the school with clean water. Iruhuura is one of 16 Kibale Forest Schools Program (KFSP) schools and currently enrolls 503 students (221 girls, 282 boys) in Levels P1-P7 (ages 4-14). In 2023, Iruhuura was also one of the top-​performing schools for delivering health and conservation education programming. 

​Although many schools have needs around water, Iruhuura was chosen for this borehole donation because its water source is both far away and unreliable. There are stretches during the dry season when water is completely unavailable to students. Outbreaks of disease linked to contaminated water consumption have also been noted in the area. 



  • Clean water for 1,500: Iruhuura’s new borehole provides clean, potable water to its 500 students as well as to around 1,000 members of the larger community, who will share the resource.
  • Uninterrupted learning: Prior to the borehole's installation, students had to walk 2.5 km to fetch drinking water. After walking this distance, students often had to wait in a long line since this well was used by many in the community. Thus, water collection could take hours, and students often missed class as a result. The new borehole is 100m from the school, which will make water collection much easier and this activity will no longer disrupt student learning.
  • Disease prevention: Iruhuura's Head Teacher reported that, for the past decade, the school and surrounding communities have suffered from cases of bilharzia (also called schistosomiasis) and typhoid, both diseases caused by contact with contaminated water. With this new source of clean water, these devastating and deadly diseases can now be prevented.

​​To drill the borehole, equipment owned by Kasiisi Project was used and we contracted an engineering company out of Fort Portal to complete the project. The well was successfully drilled at 23 feet deep and a metal pump mechanism was installed on a concrete slab. The water was then tested by an accredited testing service to ensure potability. Iruhuura will be responsible for maintaining the borehole going forward.
Kasiisi Project’s US-based Executive Director and KFSP’s Country Director and Community Liaison celebrated the opening of the borehole with Iruhuura’s Head Teacher (Principal) as well as their Health Club Leader, School Management Committee Chair, and many enthusiastic students. As a gesture of gratitude, the school offered the KFSP team a bundle of matooke (bananas), a basket of vegetables, and a live female goat that will live on the project's farm...a heartfelt gift we will cherish for years to come!

Clean water changes lives, and we are so proud to partner with Iruhuura on this impactful project. Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Bowling Green, Ohio which made the borehole donation possible through a grant to The Kasiisi Project. 

"The school children have long taken dirty water, walked long distances to collect water, and sometimes missed classes. With this resource we are guaranteed clean water throughout the year. For the past ten years and above, the communities around our school has suffered from bilharzia. With this clean water, we expect no more bilharzia and typhoid in our kids. Thank you so much for this! We will remain thankful and grateful for the love and generosity you have given us."

-Amanyire Rebecca, Head Teacher, Iruhuura Primary School