Patrick was born and raised near Kibale National Park and loves working to improve health at the intersection of people, animals, and the environment. He is a proud past scholar in Kasiisi Project’s scholarship program, and after completing secondary school, earned an advanced Education Certificate from Valley College in Bushyeni, a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health from Fort Portal School of Clinical Officers in Fort Portal, and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Uganda Martyrs University in Kampala. 

Patrick is a passionate leader and educator and strongly believes that the best solutions to community problems are developed by the community members themselves because they know best. He directed a participatory project to help parents teach their children about reproductive health – an initiative that has required a receptive, sensitive approach and has built trust and increased participation in his community endeavors. He was also the Co-Principal Investigator on a recent study linking pediatric and chimpanzee health and was named a 2023 National Geographic Explorer for his current work documenting conservation storytelling around the national park. Patrick recently received additional training and certification in community health interventions and leadership from the Peace Corps and in the protection of human subjects in research from Uganda National Council for Science and Technology. He is our resident expert to ensure all our affiliated research complies with set research regulations in Uganda.