KASIISI SCHOLAR: Rwabuhinga Francis, MSc.; Coordinator, Conservation Education; Community Liaison, Kibale Forest Schools Program
KASIISI SCHOLAR: Tuhaise Shamilah, RN;Coordinator, Girls' Health; Project Nurse, Kibale Forest Schools' Program
KASIISI SCHOLAR: Tusiime Patrick, BSc.; Coordinator, Health Education; Medical Officer, Kibale Mobile Clinic
We are always looking for sponsors who are interested in helping our students. Someone who wants to help a really good kid finish school. To give them a future. 


Our students work hard to achieve top marks in their Primary Leaving Exams, but poverty often means they are unable to continue with their education. Good schools are an impossible reach for poor rural families, and state sponsored secondary schools are few, overcrowded and academically inferior. We believe that all  kids need the best chances we can give them, so since 1998 we have supported 158 high achieving students through secondary school, college, university and graduate school. But our engagement does not stop at paying fees. Wrap around support from our scholarship committee keeps drop-out rates low – less than 10%. The bulk of our students continue into vocational colleges with about  11% going to university and 5% to graduate school – we even have one student currently enrolled at Harvard Business School. But best of all, over 90% of our graduates are employed with graduates often returning to work for the project. We hope that more and more of these capable, energetic and well-informed scholars will return to their communities with a deep commitment to conservation and to inspire others and guide change for the better 


  • We make sure that you stay connected to your student with regular letters and academic reports. You can correspond with your student and even send small gifts if you choose to.
  • You will know that they attend the best school we can find for them, and despite often competing with peers from wealthier, better educated backgrounds, with our guidance and support, they are able to succeed with dropout rates  kept to a minimum.
  • We have experience and proven success: We have been supporting, scholars, often from very challenging backgrounds, for over 20 years. While we cannot guarantee that all our scholars will attend Harvard, when you invest in one of our students you can be confident that with our supervision and care your scholar will achieve the best outcome of which he or she is capable.
  • We set high expectations and we expect them to be met: Scholarships are dependent on good behavior, hard work and decent grades from our students, and support and commitment from their families.

Contact Us if you're interested in sponsoring a student with a one time gift or a 4 year commitment to see them through 10th Grade.

The Kasiisi Project is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the Kasiisi Project are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Kasiisi Project's tax identification number is 54-2195079.