About Us

The Kasiisi Project believes that multiple factors make a successful school. We take a holistic approach to helping schools be effective. We have learned over the years that for children to succeed in school they need to be healthy and well-fed, have happy and well-trained teachers and safe and comfortable classrooms, have access to proper school supplies like books and pencils, and have the chance to enjoy sports, art, dance and music. We share with the children the importance of safeguarding their environment, we address issues that lead to high absenteeism and we help the children continue their education beyond primary school. Our approach has resulted in Kasiisi Project schools outperforming peer forest edge schools by a statistically significant 20%. Today, our scholars are graduating from University and colleges. We have teachers and lab technicians, electricians and plumbers, nurses and doctors and many are coming back to the forest to work with The Kasiisi Project.